Top 10 most controversial writers every Indian should read

Indian love controversies whether it is about a movie star , sportsperson , politicians or a writer. It is said to become famous in India one has to create something controversial . So here are 10 most controversial writers who are connected with the human nature . Their views on religion, values, politics, philosophy, and sexual fantasies  and how their work also landed them in deep trouble. But anyway they are my favourite .

10. Taslima Nasrin :

Taslima Nasrin  is a Bangladeshi author and former physician .Owing to her feminist views and her criticism of Islam in particular and of religion in general.  Lajja a book written by Nasrin suffered a number of physical and other attacks. She had written against Islamic philosophy, angering many Muslims of Bangladesh, who called for a ban on her novel.

9.Saadat Hasan Manto:


Saadat Hasan Manto  was an Indo-Pakistani writer, playwright and author , he brought out stories of prostitutes and pimps , just as he highlighted the  sexual slavery of the women of his times and because of this he was criticised by the people all around the world and was also given death threats.

His often use this phrase on his writing “If you find my stories dirty, the society you are living in is dirty. With my stories, I only expose the truth”

8.Ayn Rand


Ayn Rand was a Russian-American novelist philosopher,] playwright, and screenwriter. Rand believed reason as the only means of gaining knowledge and rejected faith and religion. Rand first expressed Objectivism in her fiction, most notably The Fountainhead and atlas shrugged  .

Her writings were criticized because of her thinking that individualism is more important than collectivism.

7. Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie is a British Indian novelist and essayist .His novel The Satanic Verses was the subject of a major controversy, provoking protests from Muslims in several countries. Death threats were made against him. He have gone through everything a failed assassination attempt to being in al-Qaeda hit list for his writing.

His  novel has been criticized as it hurt the sentiments of Muslim majority all over the globe and is still considered as an threat to there religion but Rushdie still believes his novel is not “an anti-religious novel.

6.Khushwant Singh


Khushwant Singh  was an Indian novelist, lawyer, journalist .Singh was a self-proclaimed agnostic he was against organised religion and also does not believe in rebirth as most people of India believe in .

In his last book he wrote  about critique of religion and especially its practice in India, including the critique of the clergy and priests.



D.H.Lawrence was an English novelist, poet, play-writer .His novels mainly explores issues like sexuality, emotional health and instinct. His thinking was opposed by many writers  and many politicians .

His reputation at time of his death was nothing but a pornographer who has wasted all his talent.

4.Ismat Chughtai


Ismat Chughtai was Indian writer in Urdu, she explored feminine sexuality , middle-class gentility and other conflicts in modern India .Her most controversial novel The Quilt which included homosexuality and she was charged for obscenity and faced the court but she stood for her novel instead of apologizing .

3.Sigmund Freud


Sigmund Freud’s view on women is still a subject of controversial debate. Theories of Sigmund Freud on female nature have been criticized by experts of psychology as they were sexist . His attitude towards women was questionable and neglect-able.

He wrote “Women oppose change, receive passively, and add nothing of their own,”

2.Arundhati Roy


Arundhati Roy is an Indian author , she has been active in many human rights causes and is mainly criticized because of her comments towards Indian politicians as she is very open about her opinions .She has been known to condemn a lot of things and in her writing she supported maoist-supported naxalite groups

She criticized Anna Hazare’s Anti-corruption campaign as she told it was all staged.

1.E.L James

E.L James is an English author mainly known for her book ‘fifty shades of Grey’ and further two more books . She has written about the BDSM relationships and has taken it onto another level by portraying dominance of men over women and  sexual practice involving bondage.

Her book has been top–seller of all time by selling more than 125 million copies.

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