Cryptocurrency Kills Digital Marketing


Money is all about transactions and trades. The transactions that we do on daily basis are completed with help of certain money. It isn’t anything objective, it’s a kind of common fiction. And it’s a very potent concept. But now this concept of money is changing. In the preceding two decades, we have started to adopt digital money. So, we get funded via direct deposit, we pay our rent through bank transfers, we pay our taxes online and each month, a little value of money is subtracted from our bank accounts and reinvested in mutual funds in our retirement account. All of these intercommunications are just changing 1’s and 0’s on computers. There is not even anything tangible like a coin or the money in cash. We have stopped using the word ‘cash’ now in our daily life.

Way to digital currencies

We trade with transactions and their declarations are all over on our emails and private computers. So far, we have been into two stages of money. In an analog world, we had to trade with the physical things (coins, currency notes), and money transferred at a regular speed, which can also be referred to as the speed of humans. But in the digital world, money can move much farther and is extremely fast. Digital money executes it so that we can pay someone encompassing the world in instants. We are thereby to enter a new stage of money. The destiny of money is now programmable. The money can be regulated by software and will just securely with ease flow.


Crypto-currencies are the first step in this progression. They are the digital money which isn’t administered by any government or any bank. It is the money intended to work in a world without intermediaries. Bitcoin is a universal cryptocurrency, but there are hundreds of them. There’s Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar, Dogecoin and those are just a few of the more general ones. And these things are real money.

Cryptocurrencies are an individual kind of digital asset that has provoked notable global interest too. There are all sorts of men and women entrusted in bitcoin from almost every corner of the world with diverse interests at mind. Many of them are enduring onto bitcoin for their valuable lives expecting for the cryptocurrency to be worth millions or convert into a global currency. Then there are others who are consuming their bitcoin, by giving salaries with this currency and even it is practiced by many for their daily transactions. Beside this, there are also businesspeople who are flipping the cryptocurrency regularly, looking to make quick profits. Cryptocurrencies make it simpler to transport funds among two parties in a deal.


A cryptocurrency is a digital or practical currency that follows cryptography for security. A cryptocurrency is tough to counterfeit because of this security characteristic. A defining characteristic of a cryptocurrency and arguably its most appealing attraction is its organic quality; it is not issued by any central authority, executing it probably immune to government intervention or manipulation.



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