How you can be a better person

Crush snake head after killing: There is a common belief among people that, the dead snake’s kin might find animage in its eyes and thus will come to seek revenge. Well, snake is a cold blooded reptile. So, even when any of its vital organs get damaged, it can stay alive for few hours. Also even with a detached head, a snake can bite. So to prevent any danger, the head is crushed.


Consume curd and sugar before going out: Apparently it is believed that curd and sugar brings good luck. Since, we all know that India is a tropical country. The temperature here is quite high. Consuming curd help to cool down the body whereas the sugar provides energy.


Take a bath after attending a funeral: This too is an age old practice. The actual reason behind this is, dead bodies are infected by microorganisms. Earlier those days, vaccines against major diseases were unknown. So, to avoid any infection, one is advised to take a bath after coming in vicinity of a dead body.


Worship Peepal tree: The Peepal tree is believed to be Lord Shiva’s abode. People worships this tree on certain days. Peepal tree has great importance to mankind. This tree is the chief oxygen producer. Besides this quality, this tree has ayurvedic significance. Its bark, leaves and even its roots have been used in Ayurveda to cure various diseases. Peepal tree is a boon to mankind in every essence. So, to prevent cutting down this tree, people started worshipping it.



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