Top Facts Superstitions Of India


India is a land of traditions. We grow up learning about them and are forced to follow them till they became a habit of us. But some of them really get onto our nerves and we refuse to follow them, calling them “superstitions”. But interestingly, most of the “old-Indian-beliefs” have actual scientific reason behind them. Almost everyone knows that science was very advanced during that age when Vedas were written. Photosynthesis and magnetic field effect were known to them.

Let’s unwind the mystery behind most of the common superstitions we deal with everyday.


1. Worshipping Tulsi plant: We are told to worship Tulsi plant as it is the wife of Lord Vishnu. So every Hindu house has atleast one Tulsi plant. The reason behind this is, Tulsi has great medicinal properties. Having Tulsi leaf every day will strengthen our body’s immunity and help to fight diseases. Also Tulsi prevents insects and mosquitoes. Our ancestors knew this. As Tulsi is such a small plant, people hardly would have taken care of that plant. So in order to preserve it and also to incorporate its intake in our everyday life, they have made this plant sacred.


2. Swallowing Tulsi leaves: People always swallow Tulsi leaves as its leaves are holy, and so we should not chew them. Actually, Tulsi leaves has minimum amount of mercury in them. When we chew them, the mercury comes in contact with our teeth. Mercury decays our teeth enamel. But is is beneficial to our body in small amount. So to prevent this, Tulsi is always swallowed, not chewed.


3. Should not sleep with head in the north direction: We know that earth is a big magnet and our bodies have a magnetic field of their own. Scientists have explained that when we sleep with our head towards north direction, blood pressure problem arises. Not just that. The iron concentration in our brain increases thus leading to headache, Alzheimer’s disease, Cognitive decline, Parkinson’s disease and brain degeneration.


               These are the age-old traditions that we practise and talk about. Since our ancestors were very much advanced in science, they knew all the reasons behind these practices. With time, these became a habit and soon the reason became lost. Only the practices kept going on as traditions, generation after generation. Not all age old traditions are superstitions of our forefathers. Chances are high that there is good enough logic behind their every practice!

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