Best things which make your life better

Fasting: Fasting is an age old tradition followed by everyone. Today’s generation has started to question its importance. Fasting is beneficial for us.  Our digestive system needs to be cleaned every now and then. Fasting helps to do so, thus detoxifying our bodies of the impurities and helps to burn fat. Plain water or luke warm lemon water aids the process. Also, it helps to control blood pressure, cholesterol and insulin level in our bodies.


Women should wear toe ring : This is because, the second toe of woman’s body has a nerve which connects to the uterus that passes through the heart. So, toe ring helps in blood flow as well as keeps uterus healthy. Generally, silver metal is preferred for the ring. This is because, silver is a very good conductor. It can absorb polar energies from the earth and radiates in the body thus making the person healthier.


Ring bells when in temple: We are amazed by the large bells inside the temples. And it has become our custom to ring the bells whenever we are inside the temples. Well, the sound , the bell generates, clears our mind and helps us to focus. The ring relieves us of stress and helps to concentrate thus unifying our thoughts and providing mental peace. This is one of the many reasons why our mind calms down when we are inside temples. Also, the echo which occurs after ringing is good for our health as it activates the seven healing centres in our body.


Apply tilak/bindi on forehead: Applying tilak on forehead is considered a pious act. When we apply tilak on forehead, the space between mid-brow and adnyachakra gets pressed. This facilitates the blood supply to face muscles. Also the powder mixture applied on tilak is good for skin.


Amazing as it sounds, temples are not built just anywhere. They are built only where there is abundance of positive energy due to magnetic and electric field waves. Idol is placed at the center of the temple, where the field is maximum. Also, copper plates are placed beneath the idol. These plates absorb the magnetic field and radiates into the surrounding. Thus when a person visits a temple regularly and revolve around the temple in clockwise direction, there is an improvement in the health as the person is absorbing more and more positive energy. The process is slow but effective for both mind and body.

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